Your Daily Actions to Attract World Peace
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Watch this attraction magnet once a day and use the Law of Attraction to create a world at peace.
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We’re attracting 10,000 people to change the world. Will you be one of them? The fact that you’re reading these words proves you have “the right stuff.” Your thoughts brought you to this very moment in space and time. These 10,000 people will work with us every day to attract world peace by watching this video every day and telling 10 of their friends about this project. Can we add you to the number below?

As one of the 10,000 you’ll be sent a daily reminder to do the attraction magnet and your number will be added to the tally below (don’t worry your privacy is secure and of course membership is free). As you do the attraction magnet each day and tell your friends to join you in the Attraction Team, we’ll all be creating a better world.

Remind me each day to attract world peace.
Active Attraction Team Members: 2818
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Tell one new person per day about this project – preferably someone that lives far away from you.
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